Deep Nervous system tonic syrup



Ashwaghanda  1 ounce

Codonopsis  1 ounce

Eleuthero  1 ounce

Burdock 1 ounce

Rhodiola  1 ounce

Ginger  1 tablespoon

Gather ingredients and place in a pot with two quarts of water.  Bring the whole mix to a boil and then simmer for an hour.   Afterwards strain out the herbs and return the warm decoction to the pot.   Add two cups of honey after it has cooled down a bit.  Stir together and then bottle and refrigerate.  You should have about 2 quarts of syrup.  Take 2 tablespoons twice a day.  This should last you about 30 days.

This is a potent syrup for those who feel exhausted, depressed, sad with feelings of easily being stressed with little resiliency.




Ashwaghanda– 1.25$

Codonopsis– 3.56$

Burdock – 1.31$

Eleuthero– .75$

Rhodiola– 2.62$

Ginger – .20$

Total cost 9.69$