Latin:  Laminaria, Undaria, Porphyra, and many others

Family:  Various

Parts Used:  Fronds

Taste/Energetics:  Cool, moist

Properties:  Nutritive tonic, demulcent, diuretic, aphrodisiac, cardiotonic, antimicrobial. analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-radiation, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive

Actions:  There are a variety of seaweeds and they are all tremendously nutritious with loads of vitamins and minerals,   Seaweeds are composed of 20-50% minerals and that they are the best dietary source of essential minerals.  Some of the best seaweeds to consume include hijiki, nori, dulse, wakame and kombu.  Mineral rich seaweeds  help improve thyroid function (due to high levels of iodine) and reduce chance of osteoporosis (high levels of calcium)

In general seaweeds are deeply nourishing and rejuvenating and can play a key role in helping people with long term exhaustion and depletion.  Seaweeds feed our nerves, muscles and sinews, improves cardiac function, lowers blood pressure and soothes and nourishes an inflamed digestive system (ulcers, constipation, colitis, etc).

Seaweeds in general are anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic and useful for those who feel hot, wired and tired with inflammation, pain and anxiety.  Seaweeds are great for those with CFS or fibromyalgia who feel stressed, exhausted and suffering from neuralgia.

Finally studies have shown that common seaweeds can reduce the effect of radiation.   Seaweeds are truly a nutritional powerhouse that are easily available to us.

Dosage:  One of the best ways to consume seaweed is to add it in the pot when making bone broth (1 cup seaweed to large stock pot).  You can eat it traditionally as a salad (see recipes) , add seaweed as a dried garnish by sprinkling it on meals or add it to soups.

Contraindications:   Many precautions about gathering them as there can easily be contamination.   Avoid taking if consuming blood thinner drugs.  Some are sensitive to seaweeds and may experience a reaction.  Excessive doses linked to thyroid suppression.

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