Taking regular tonic syrups is one of the best ways to build strength, stamina, improve mood and wellbeing.  They are made by simmering herbs on the stove for a while and then straining and adding honey, which is strengthening in its own right.  Syrups are a way of taking these herbs without having to ingest alcohol, include the full nutrient value of herbs and are tasty to boot.  They also last longer because the honey preserves them.  When kept in the refrigerator they can keep a month or two.  To preserve them for longer, you can add small amounts of brandy.


Deep blood tonic Syrup

This is a syrup I like to suggest to those who appear pale, anemic, deficient and lacking in strength and stamina.  Traditionally this would be a recipe for a woman who has scanty menstruation, dryness, anxiety and deficient type depression.  There is a need for greater invigoration, minerals, nutrients and blood flow.     These herbs are all in whole form, not powdered.



Dong Quai  1 ounce

Shatavari  1 ounce

Rehmannia  1 ounce

Nettles 1 ounce

Schisandra berries 1 ounce

Ginger  1 tablespoon

Gather ingredients and place in a pot with two quarts of water.  Bring the whole mix to a boil and then simmer for an hour.   Afterwards strain out the herbs and return the warm decoction to the pot.   Add two cups of honey after it has cooled down a bit.  Stir together and then bottle and refrigerate.  You should have about 2 quarts of syrup.  Take 2 tablespoons twice a day.  This should last you about 30 days.


Deep Nervous system tonic syrup



Ashwaghanda  1 ounce

American Ginseng  1 ounce

Codonopsis  1 ounce

Eleuthero  1 ounce

Rhodiola  1 ounce

Ginger  1 tablespoon

Use the same directions as seen above.  This is a potent syrup for those who feel exhausted, depressed, sad with feelings of easily being stressed with little resiliency.


Deep Mushroom Tonic Syrup


Shitake (dried)  1 ounce

Reishi  1 ounce

Maitake (dried)   1 ounce

Chaga   1 ounce

Cordyceps 1 ounce

Reishi tincture   4 ounces

Use the same directions as seen above.    After adding honey, an option is to add 4 ounces of reishi tincture to improve the medicinal action of the mushrooms as well as to preserve it for longer.  (See directions for making reishi tincture here.)    Mushrooms are incredibly vitalizing and strengthening to the immune system and have a restorative action on the nervous system as well.   Also- like everything source your mushrooms ethically- this is especially is important for chaga.)