When one is feeling really anxious, ungrounded and unsettled, it can feel very uncomfortable and the desire for immediate relief is palpable.  One of the best ways of helping people in these states is to shift that mood via scent.  Working with herbal fragrances can quite quickly shift mood in a positive way without interacting with any psychiatric drugs a person may be taking.   There are a variety of ways of introducing aromatic fragrances; via diffusers, sprays, smudges and topically with infused oils and bath salts.

Lets take a look at a few ideas.

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To learn how to make infused herbal bath salts, go here to learn how to make Bath Salts.  Essentially you will be starting with

2 cups epsom salt

1/2 cup baking soda

1/2 cup Sea Salt

Blend this up and then add essential oils in a variety of formulas.  Here are a few I love:



Recipe 1-  Peaceful Calm

6 drops bergamot

6 drops lavender

3 drops lemon


Recipe 2- Forest Grounding

6 drops Douglas fir

6 drops black poplar

3 drops geranium


Recipe 3  – Deep Sleep

6 drops Lavender

3 drops clary sage

3 drops vetiver

3  drops sandalwood


Recipe 4- Deep Beauty

Ylang ylang   6 drops

jasmine    3 drops

Lemon   3 drops

geranium   3 drops


Infused Oils

Infused oils can be applied topically to relieve anxiety either through getting someone to give a massage or via self massage.  If one is giving a self massage, I like to suggest working with acupuncture points that are specifically calming.  Here is a great guide to 21 awesome acupuncture points to massage with infused herbal oils to reduce stress.   Click here to learn how to make Infused Oils.

For anxiety you can use the same recipes listed above and add them to each ounce of carrier oil such as almond or olive oil.


Sprays and Diffusers

Another way to help reduce anxiety is to take combinations of essential oils in formulas and then add them to diffusers or turn them into sprays.  Take a look at this article to lear more about that process here.  Working with Essential Oils.

Again- you can use the recipes mentioned above for making different blends that will help reduce anxiety.



Smudging is an age old technique of burning plant material to release aromatic compounds for a variety of reasons: for ritual, purification and healing.  Smudging can help relax the nervous system buy sending scent to the olfactory bulb and then to the limbic system where messages are sent to the rest
of the body to help improve mood and wellbeing.  Take a look at this piece to learn more about it and to integrate smudging as a way of reducing anxiety.  Working with Smudge.

Some options for helping reduce anxiety include working with cedar, sage, palo santo, mugwort, frankincense and sweetgrass to help reduce anxiety and to elect positive feelings.