When someone is anxious, in a state of panic or feels wound up and overwhelmed, there is often a desire for instant relief.  Tinctures of relaxing herbs can provide that quick symptomatic relief that can be so key when one is feeling overwhelmed.

There are a number of herbs that tincture well for anxiety relief.  Here are some of them:


Albizzia bark, california poppy, chamomile, hawthorn, lavender, lemon balm, magnolia, milky oats, motherwort, mugwort, passionflower, reishi, rose, sage, skullcap


Akuamma, anemone, betony, black cohosh, calamus, corydalis, cramp bark, hops, jamaican dogwood, kava, valerian


Very Strong:

Cannabis, kratom, poppy



You can buy these separately and blend them together to make particular formulas.  Here are some ideas for formulas.


Muscle Relaxer:  

1 part cramp bark

1 part jamaican Dogwood

1 part kava



Calm Heart:

1 part motherwort

1 part hawthorn flower and berry

1 part reishi

1 part rose



1 part Albizzia bark

1 part Reishi

1 part calamus


Nourish the Nerves:

2 parts Milky Oats

1 part Albizzia Bark

1 part Hawthorn flower and berry

1 part Skullcap


Sleep Well: 

1 part hops

1 part skullcap

1 part kava

1 part motherwort


Cannabis Relaxation:

Tincture a high CBD varietal-  go here.