This is a bit of a challenging category because so often this term gets misused.  Some think that this is a term for herbs that will then make one want to jump into bed with the nearest partner.  Really herbs in this category tend to bring relaxation, greater blood circulation, feelings of pleasure and stimulation.  But aphrodisiac herbs can never replace the importance of intimacy, foreplay, greater presence and the heart to heart connection that underlies really good lovemaking.

They can also not repair underlying issues that are sometimes at the core of libido issues.  These often include depletion, exhaustion, overwork, trauma, intimacy issues and underlying issues between partners.

Here are some herbs that tincture well for making extracts for enhancing the libido.


Adaptogenic aphrodisiacs: American Ginseng, Asian Ginseng, schisandra, shatavari

Entheogenic aphrodisiacs:  Cannabis

Relaxant aphrodisiacs:  Kava, passionflower

Stimulating aphrodisiacs:  Damiana, ephedra, horny goat weed, kola nut, maca, muira puama, munica, tongkat ali

Warming aromatic aphrodisiacs:  Clove, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom

Floral uplifting aromatic aphrodisiacs:  jasmine, lavender, rose


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1 part Damiana

1 part Asian Ginseng

1 part Muira Puama

1 part Horny Goat Weed

1/2 part Ginger

This is a strengthening, warming and energizing formula.  It is not best for folks who tend to be already too hot and stimulated.  It should be used several weeks for best effect.


Strengthen Yin

1 part Shatavari

1 part Asparagus Root

1 part Passionflower

1 part schisandra

1/2 part Rose

This is a gentle restorative tincture that is useful for those who appear drained, exhausted, dried up with anxiety and restlessness that keeps them from being in the mood.  Again this is a long term tincture that will help to restore libido.


In the mood

1 part kola nut

1 part horny goat weed

1 part American ginseng

1/2 part ginger

1/2 part cinnamon

This is a faster acting formula and contains caffeine.  It also quite warming and stimulating.  Because of that it is not an herbal formula to take regularly but more for symptomatic effect.


For some folks smoking a little cannabis, or taking a very small amount of edible cannabis can act as a libido enhancer.  But this is pretty tricky and is really unique to the individual.  Cannabis can help people to become more sensitive and receptive on more subtle levels which can be helpful for lovemaking….in some cases.  It can also make people too sensitive, spacey or withdrawn.  To learn how to make a cannabis, click here.