Latin:  Citrus aurantium, sinsensis

Family:  Rutaceae

Parts Used:  Peel

Taste/Energetics:  sour, sweet, cooling

Properties:  Carminative, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, uplifting, anxiolytic, hypotensive, anti-depressant, circulatory stimulant.

Actions:  Citrus peel from a variety of species has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicinal formulas to help improve digestion, to fight off colds and flu, to help relax and calm the body, lower blood pressure, promote good liver function, reduce nausea and to improve respiration.  One of the best ways I know how to use citrus as a beverage is to add a little squeezed lime juice to a drink in the morning to promote healthy digestion.  There are a number of different citrus essential oils including orange, blood orange, lemon, bitter orange, lime, mandarin, neroli and bergamot.  Some of these I describe directly in the herbal list but all have distinct scents that are anxiolytic and anti-depressant in nature.

Dosage:  Standard essential oil usage.  As juice squeezed into beverages or peel for teas and decoctions.

Contraindications:  None