Hey folks.  My name is Jon Keyes and I am a counselor and herbalist living and working in Portland, Oregon.  I have been studying plant medicines since the early 90’s.  I attended the Evergreen State College and graduated in 1993 with a degree in Botanical Medicine and Health Sciences.  I went on to apprentice with an herbalist named Joyce Netishen for several years in the mid-90’s and then went on to get a masters degree in counseling from Portland State University.

I have written for numerous publications including Plant Healer Magazine, Llewellyn Herbal almanacs, The Mountain Astrologer, Mad in America and Beyond Meds.  I have also taught extensively in the NorthWest at gatherings such as The Dandelion Seed Conference, Portland Plant Gathering, Viridis Genii and for the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

I am deeply interested in people being able to access mental health care in a way that is cheap and accessible.  Learning how to make herbal medicines is a profound way of connecting to traditional ways of healing that have been practiced for thousands of years, to develop greater autonomy and to develop a deeper and richer connection to the natural world and its healing powers.   Hopefully this site will be inspirational for folks to delve deeper into the amazing healing abilities of these plants and will help some of you on your journey.


Information here does not take the place of professional mental health treatment and should be considered for educational purposes only.  


If you are interested in a consultation, I have separate practices.  I work as a therapist and accept insurance and you can contact me at this link.  I also have a practice as an herbalist and you can find out more about that at this link.

You can also contact me at jonkeyes@hearthsidehealing.com.  Finally, please connect with more information and updates at the Facebook group Herbs for Mental Health.  Thanks!