Goji berry (Wolfberry, Gou Qi Zi) 

Latin:  Lycium barbarum

Family:  Solonaceae

Parts Used:  Fruit

Taste/Energetics:   Sweet, bitter, cooling

Properties:  Tonic, adaptogenic, hypertensive, circulatory stimulant

Actions:   Goji berries are another Chinese herb that has become more popular as a “superfood” recently in the West but has a long history of use in Asia.  Traditionally seen as a tonic herb that improves liver function, the berries are also useful for improving vision, sleep, to moisten a dry system and to increase stamina and energy.  Goji berries are cooling in nature and helpful for those who are hot and dry with associated dry and bloodshot eyes, dry cough, and high blood pressure.  Goji berries are nutrient dense and are just a great general tonic herb to throw in your bone broth or to snack on.

There are not a lot of moistening cooling tonic herbs so this one is great for those folks who are hot, dry, energized but exhausted (wired and tired) who need to slow down, take a few items off their agenda list and get a massage, dip their toes in a pool and relax a bit.  It cools, moistens, nourishes and provides deep sustenance in a gentle way.

Dosage: 2-10 grams daily in decoction or just snack on those yummy red fruit!

Contraindications:  Potentially blood thinners, blood pressure meds, diabetes meds but there is no evidence of poor interactions. Pregnancy.