Graviola  (Jamaican Sour Sop tree) 

Latin:  Annona muricata

Family:  Annonaceae

Parts Used:  Leaves, fruit, seeds, bark, roots

Taste/Energetics:  Sweet

Properties:  Hypotensive, anxiolytic, anti-spasmodic, galactagogue, astringent, analgesic, tonic, emmenagogue

Actions:  This is a plant that grows primarily in the Amazon jungle and the Caribbean islands.  The fruit and leaves of this plant are used traditionally for their anxiolytic, sedative and analgesic properties.  Graviola can be used in cases of arthritic and joint pain, neuralgia, to reduce hypertension, for spasming coughs, asthma, digestive and menstrual cramping, to improve breast milk and to encourage menstrual flow.

Dosage:  This fruit has commonly been added to desserts in places such as Columbia, Mexico, South-East Asia and Ethiopia.  It is also made into sweet beverages, ice creams and smoothies.  In the Phillipines, the dessert is known as guyabano.

As herbal medicine, 2-6 grams of fruit extract/day.

Contraindications:  Avoid in pregnancy