Herbal Suppliers

There are a number of amazing folks that are selling herbs these days.  You have to do a bit of poking around to find out who is selling the best quality herbs, grown and harvested ethically who are giving back to the herbalist community and the land.


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Bulk Herb Store   “At the Bulk Herb Store, we provide our homemade concoctions, our experiences, and the tested wisdom of others. We want to do more than sell quality herbs. We want to teach you what we know, and inspire you to learn and research beyond that.

Eclectic herbs:  Edward Alstat, Oregon.    “Eclectic Institute was founded by naturopathic physician and registered pharmacist, Dr. Ed Alstat, within the clinic dispensary of the National School of Naturopathic Medicine in 1982.”  This is a company that sells numerous herbal and fungal extracts, capsules and freeze dried powders.

Frontier Herbs

Golden Lotus:  Oregon herbal company that works with Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic and Amazonian herbs.  “Golden Lotus Botanicals was founded on the commitment to preserving herbal traditions. Drawing from the rich traditions of herbal alchemy, the empirical experience of generations of masters along with the findings of modern science, allow us to support the preservation and applications of herbal traditions. We provide herbalists and holistic  practitioners with the highest quality selections of botanical compounds along with complete customization flexibility.”

Herb Pharm:  Williams, OR.  Another major center for herbalism in the Northwest.  This company is primarily known for selling high quality organic herbal tinctures and they are sold throughout the country.


Liberty Natural Products:  Near Mt. Hood, Oregon.  ”Liberty Natural Products is a grower, importer and wholesale distributor of over 1,200 botanical ingredients and natural products. We are proud to offer the highest quality and lowest prices from vial to drum sizes. Our company headquarters is located at the Oregon Lavender Farm, a 90 acre certified organic herb farm where we grow and distill 25 acres of lavender.”

Meridian Botanicals: “We supply only the highest quality herbs, taking care to assure that a large majority of the items we offer are certified organic, sustainably wild harvested, or grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It is of the utmost importance and our responsibility to take care of our health and our environment, and we strive to be a leading example of ethical and sustainable business practices in the botanical community.”

Mt. Rose Herbs:  Eugene, OR.  This is the one of the major centers of the Northwest herbal world.   Since the early 90’s they have been selling a wide variety of bulk herbs and products.  Mt. Rose has been focused on selling ethically wildcrafted and sustainably farmed organic herbs as well as starting the Free Herbalism Project, “an ongoing series of free community events featuring visiting herbalists.”


Ojas naturals.   Portland, OR.  Alcohol and honey extracts, oils and sprays.

Oregon’s Wild Harvest   “we’re committed to ensuring that our whole herbal supplements are of the highest quality, potency and purity. In fact, every single one of the more than 200 pure, safe and effective certified organic and biodynamic herbal products we make come from whole herbs.  And they’re scientifically tested on many different levels. Which is good news for your health and the planet.”


Pacific Botanicals  Mark and Margie Wheeler, Grants Pass, OR.    A larger company that sells herbs, spices and seeds.


Pharmacopia Herbals:  Nome McBride, Carissa McBride, Olympia, Wa.:    “Pharmacopia Herbals is proud to offer Ecologically Formulated™ products that are made from botanicals that we can grow on our farm our wild harvest in the Northwest.  In some instances we collect plants from other parts of North America and Central America.  While contemporary culture terrorizes the landscape with industrial logging and mass agriculture people forget that we are neglecting the medicines that grow beneath those old-growth forests and in between the rows of corn and beans.  With the help of you, our customers, Pharmacopia Herbals is here to keep the spirit of Nature alive and preserve the inherent power we all have to choose natural remedies for our own self care.”

San Francisco Herb Company  “Since 1973, our mission has been to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. With products ranging from spices to potpourri, our efforts toward achieving this goal are reflected in the superior quality of our products, fast turnaround times, and high level of customer service and support.”

Starwest Botanicals:  “We believe in offering the best value to our customers for their herbal purchases and, because we directly source our products from around the world and process them in-house, we can deliver on that belief. We also stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I know it’s easy to make a claim that you’re committed to something; but, just like I showed those herbal stores years ago, we deliver on our commitments.”


Stony Mountain Botanicals:


Strictly Medicinal Seeds:   Richo and Mayche Cech, Williams, OR.   Medicinal plant seeds, organic and wildcrafted herbs. “We rely on a really great team of local folks to help us get the seeds and herbs out to the people, seeds nourished by our homegrown compost, pure mountain air and water, our love and our breath.  We believe in what we do, and we believe in you.  May you eat yummily right out of the garden, and heal yourselves always with good wholesome herbs.”


Small Batch Essential Oil Distillers:


Ring Botanicals:   “Ring Family Farm is an island safe-haven for native plants and animals displaced by surrounding clear cuts.  The Ring family have been good stewards of the land, fulfilling a promise to protect the natural world we were lucky enough to grow up with. Nestled in the foothills of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, the land supports a wide array of aromatic plants: from rosemary, sages, roses, lemon balm, mints, to many types of lavender and evergreen trees. These fragrant beauties are used in my essential oil distillations and natural perfume blends. Sustainable, organic farming is practiced at the farm, and all of the plants are propagated, planted, maintained and harvested by the Ring family with love.”

Morning Myst Botanics:   “We are artisan distillers that are passionate about producing excellent hydrosols. We believe quality hydrosols begin with quality plants. Many of our beautiful hydrosols begin as seeds and cuttings that we carefully plant and care for months and sometimes years before they make it to the stills.

Cascadia Terroir:    “ We at Cascadia Terroir are excited to offer you our exquisit artisan hydrosols and essential oils from the Cascadian Bioregion. Our hydrosols are produced in small batches with the highest level of quality and respect in mind. We harvest the plant people with the greatest respect for we are all related. We believe in giving the most possible respect in wildcrafting the plants we work with and do so with the greatest of ethical concern.

Apothecary’s Garden:  Providing a selection of fresh & fair trade, ethical and sustainably harvested Frankincense and Myrrh species, local and exotic fragrance materials, unusual essential oils, Natural perfume ingredients and animal essences.   Fairtrade Frankincense explores our ancient and modern relationship with Nature’s fragrant, medicinal oleoresins and provides a link joining traditional harvesters directly with our western market in fair and mutually beneficial commerce.

American Wilderness Botanicals :    “American Wilderness Botanicals, LLC has some of the purest and most potent hydrosols and essential oils in the business.  Virtually all of our hydrosols and essential oils are wild harvested (wildcrafted) in Wyoming and the vast majority are harvest in Jackson Hole.  I regularly have random samples of hydrosols tested at the Sagescript Institute in Longmont, Colorado.  We make sure our customers are satisfied in knowing that they are getting pure hydrosols that microbe and fungus free.”

Blue Ridge Aromatics:   “We hand-distill beautiful essential oils and hydrosols in our custom-built stainless steel distillation unit. Our plant material is sustainably harvested from local national forests and private property in the ancient Southern Appalachians. Additionally, we source “waste” plant material from local businesses for distillation, such as juiced fresh organic ginger pulp and Christmas Tree trimmings slated for incineration.”

Pejuta Essentials:  “Pejuta essentials only distills locally grown organic plant materials & wild plant materials.we also carefully source and sell various oils of the finest quality from all over the world. All oils and spritzers are completely unadulterated and have no added chemicals or filler. Products are great for home or domestic uses as well as use for the professional.I take great pride in providing a product and service that is a step above the rest.

Oud Oil:  “My friend and I live in the capital of Thailand and we’ve had a chance to travel around Asia and go deep into the world of agarwood oil. We eventually began to implement innovative, unique ideas of distilling our pure oud oil. Each stage – designing, sourcing the equipment and machinery, carefully selecting the raw materials and bottling of the oil – is done by our very own hands. Feel Oud takes great pride in being personally involved in every step of the process, which assures that the raw materials and distilled oud oils are handled with the utmost care, love and respect.”