Latin:  Hibiscus sabdariffa

Family:  Malvaceae

Parts Used:  Dried calyx and bract

Taste/Energetics:  Sour, slightly sweet, cooling

Properties:  Diaphoretic, improve circulation, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory hepatoprotective, antidepressant, anxiolytic, emmenagogue, astringent

Actions:  This is one of those herbs that most everyone loves because it tastes so great.  Often made in tea form, hibiscus helps regulate and lower high blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels, reduces stomach and menstrual cramping, and helps reduce fevers and headaches.

In terms of mental health, this is an herb that I would give on a hot summer day to some overheated frazzled guests.  Hibiscus cools and soothes while uplifting the mood and bringing subtle delight.

Dosage:  Best in tea as 1-2 tsp to cup of hot water infused for 10 mins. to 3 x/day.

Contraindications:  None