Latin:  Lonicera sp.

Family:  Caprifoliaceae

Parts Used:  Flower buds

Taste/Energetics:  Bitter, Sweet, cooling, dispersive

Properties:  Diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-tumoral, analgesic, expectorant, antispasmodic, anxiolytic, antitumoral

Actions:  This beautiful flower grows wildly nearby to me and I always stop to admire its gorgeous twining vines and elongated colorful flowers.  Honeysuckle flowers have a long history of fighting off colds and the flu as well as any inflamed infection.  Its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic nature makes it helpful for ulcers and cramping in the stomach, bronchial and urinary tract infections and hot inflamed arthritic tendencies.  Its anti-inflammatory qualities can be put to good use externally as well for eczema and weeping psoriasis that looks inflamed.

For mental health concerns, this is a wonderful herb for hot, overstressed, excitable, anxious, frenzied and occasionally angry/ragey folks- also known as Pitta/Choleric types.  Honeysuckle cools and soothes, quells anxiety and softens hard people who tend to yell and fuss a lot.

Dosage:  This is an herb I like as a tea, or as a flower essence or “drop dose” for overheated, overly intense and often “angry at a drop of a hat” folks.   This is a relative of Elder (Sambucus racemosa) and has similar cooling, soothing, relaxing properties.  1-2 tsp infused in cup of hot water for 5 mins.

Contraindications:   None