Latin:  Jasminum sp.

Family:  Oleaceae

Parts Used:  Flowers (occ. leaves)

Taste/Energetics:  Sweet, cooling

Properties:  Anti-depressant, anxiolytic, aphrodisiac, analgesic, energizing

Actions:  This is a lovely plant that is generally used in modern times as aromatherapy for its delightful uplifting, antidepressant and fragrant scent.  Its a wonderful plant to grow in your yard for its pretty white flowers and to add that heady aroma to your garden.    As an internal medicine, there are a number of different species that have had specific applications.   Some varietals have been used for coughs, sore throats and hoarse voices.  Others have been used externally for healing rashes, sunburns and bruises.

In terms of mental health, jasmine is one of the best anti-depressive scents and is popular in some quarters for its aphrodisiac effect.  There is a reason it has the nickname “Mistress of the Night.”  The scent is certainly overpowering and intoxicating and while most love it, for some it can feel a tad excessive and suffocating.   Jasmine is often associated with moonlight, mystery, love and magic.

Dosage:  Standard essential oil usage.

Contraindications:  Standard essential oil precautions.