Kola Nut

Latin:  Cola vera, nitida, acuminata

Family: Sterculiaceae

Parts Used:  Nut

Taste/Energetics:  Bitter, sweet, warming

Properties:  Stimulant, vasodilator, nootropic, aphrodisiac, diuretic

Actions:  Native to African tropical rainforests, Kola nut has long been used as a stimulant for greater energy and clarity in traditional ceremonies and healing work.  In Nigeria, the Kola nut is commonly consumed in weddings, births and funerals.  Starting in the 19th century, the kola nut was brought to the West and most famously found its way into one of our most ubiquitous soft drinks- coca cola (with coca leaf as the other main ingredient.)  With two potent stimulants in the ingredients,, coca-cola was marketed as an herbal remedy for improving energy levels and stamina and quickly took off as a product.

Because it contains both caffeine and theobromine, two noted stimulants, kola nut has the capacity to boost heart rate, blood pressure and metabolism.  Kola nut improves memory, cognition, alertness and blood flow circulation, leading to greater oxygenation of the viscera.  Kola nut leaves, root and stem appear to have other constituents that make it useful for bolstering the immune system.

Dosage:  1-3 grams

Contraindications:    Avoid in pregnancy, if there is hypertension, cardiac issues, potential for anxiety, panic attacks, mania.