Kratom comes in three main types- green, red and white varietals that refer to their look.  White strains tend to be energizing, red strains are more sedating and green can be a mix of both.  All have analgesic properties. There are a number of varietals with various potencies that are sourced from South East Asian Countries.   A typical dose would be between 1/2 a teaspoon to 1 1/2 teaspoons.   (2-6 grams).  A starting dose is 1/2 teaspoon to see if one can tolerate the effects, Generally one purchases the plant in powder form but one can also purchase whole leaf.  For a lengthier explanation of kratom please go here.  

Its pretty challenging to consume this plant in capsule form as it would mean preparing and consuming upwards of six to twelve 500 mg capsules at each sitting.  The other preferred method is the “toss and wash”, meaning to measure out the desired dosage, place it in water or some form of potentiator such as grapefruit juice, stir the kratom in and then consume in a few swigs.  Pretty challenging but gets the job done.  There are numerous strains and one must do a little research to determine the best varietal.  There are a lot of forums online where people discuss the various strengths and differences of these varietals.   In general I would suggest starting slow with a couple grams of the herb to see if there are any sensitivities before trying larger doses.

Remember this illegal in some parts of the country and there is still quite a bit of pressure to make it illegal.  It is also quite possible to get addicted to it.  Generally one becomes habituated to the dosage if one takes it daily to the point where it will not induce the same level of pleasure and pain relief. Folks then will often up the doses and find themselves hooked on taking quite large doses of the herb to try and find a “high”.  10-30 gram a day habits are not uncommon at this point.

So perhaps the best route is to consider taking this plant intermittently, no more than twice a week, not only to avoid potential for addiction, but to also avoid increased tolerance.


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