Recipes for aphrodisiacs and improving libido



This is a bit of a challenging category because so often this term gets misused.  Some think that this is a term for herbs that will then make one want to jump into bed with the nearest partner.  Really herbs in this category tend to bring relaxation, greater blood circulation, feelings of pleasure and stimulation.  But aphrodisiac herbs can never replace the importance of intimacy, foreplay, greater presence and the heart to heart connection that underlies really good lovemaking.

They can also not repair underlying issues that are sometimes at the core of libido issues.  These often include depletion, exhaustion, overwork, trauma, intimacy issues and underlying issues between partners.

That being said, some of these herbs are really amazing at heightening the experience of sex, improve erectile function, stimulating mood and desire.  Each herb is unique and they are not at all interchangeable.

I divide this category up into a number of categories.

Adaptogenic aphrodisiacs: CistancheGinseng, schisandra, shatavari

Entheogenic aphrodisiacs:  Cannabis

Relaxant aphrodisiacs:  Kava, passionflower

Stimulating aphrodisiacs: Catuaba, cacao, coffee, damiana, ephedra, horny goat weed, kola nut, maca, muira puama, munica

Warming aromatic aphrodisiacs:  Cnidum, clove, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom

Floral uplifting aromatic aphrodisiacs:  jasmine, lavender, neroli, patchouli, rose, ylang ylang



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