Latin:  Grifola frondosa

Family:  Meripilaceae

Parts Used:   Fruiting body



Actions:  This fungi is known as one of the most nutritious mushrooms one can take and has numerous medicinal properties.  Like other medicinal mushrooms it contains numerous beta gluten polysaccharides, key complex carbohydrate chains that are effective immune system stimulants.  Maitake also helps to lower and regulate blood pressure, blood sugar and has cancer fighting properties as well.   For mental health, this is another strongly nutritious mushroom that can help strengthen and nourish those who feel weak, listless, malnourished and depressed.

Dosage:   Add liberally to meals.  In powder 1-3 grams to 3 x/day  In this manner it goes well in a formula of numerous medicinal mushrooms.  Tincture 1-2 ml to 3 x/day.

Contraindications:    None.