Latin:  Mimulus species

Family:  Phrymaceae (previously Schrophulariaceae)

Parts Used:  Flower

Taste/Energetics:  Cooling, moistening

Properties:  Anxiolytic,  analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, vulnerary

Actions:  This is not an herb that I have used extensively and because of that I hesitated to include it in this book.  I also get concerned about the over harvest of plants that could potentially be in danger.  That being said mokeyflower deserves mention because not is such a useful plant for mental health concerns.

First off, the genus of monkey flowers include numerous sp[ecies that seem to be able to work mostly interchangeably.  They are all delightful to see in the field and that beauty and playfulness follow through with their medicinal effect.  They help lift the mood, relax the spirit and improve feelings of connectedness and openness to others.  This is a good plant for folks who feel shut down, tight and guarded around others.  This sensation is common to  trauma survivors and it can be a useful addition to formulas for PTSD.

This is also a lovely analgesic, especially in cases of pain that are leading to frustration, anger and brooding depression.

Dosage:  Generally as tincture .5-1 ML to start to 2 x day.

Contraindications:  This is not a common herb and no contraindications are noted.

Further Reading:

Monkeyflower monograph  by Kiva Rose