Mushroom powder

I love it when people take medicinal mushrooms as part of their daily meal such as delicious maitake and shitake mushrooms.  Mushrooms such as these and a number of others are incredibly health giving and possess polysacharides rich with beta glucans  that are protective and immune boosting.  When taking powdered extracts of multiple mushrooms, it is essential that the mushrooms have been subject to a type of extraction that pulls out these important polysaccharides as well as other glycoproteins, antioxidants and triterpenes.   Otherwise they are worthless.  The key health giving constituents of raw mushrooms will not be bioavailable.

One other note:  Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) requires alcohol extraction to pull out its health giving terpenoids.  More about that in the recipe section on adpatogenic herbs.  Finally, some of these mushroom powders contain chaga, an incredibly powerful fungus but one that has been unsustainably harvested.  Please be careful when purchasing and buy from ethical harvesters.

OK so when purchasing combined mushroom powder, here are some of the best medicinal mushrooms available.

Lion’s Mane, Turkey tail, maitake, shitake, cordyceps, reishi, agarikon, oyster, chaga, mesima, poria, mesimakobu.

The dosage should be 1-3 teaspoons a day- about 3-7 grams.

Cost: There are a variety of products out there.  I really trust 14 mushroom blend powder  by Mushroom Harvest.  This is retailing for 36$ for a pound.  That’s 2.25$ an ounce.   Thats about 18-56 cents a day (1-3 teaspoons).

I also really support Yarrow Willard’s work with medicinal mushrooms but its quite a bit more expensive.  His mushroom blend costs 82.75$ a pound.  Thats 5.17 an ounce which means each dose is 43 cents to a 1.30$ a day.