Latin:  Citrus uranium

Family:  Rutaceae

Parts Used:

Taste/Energetics:  Sweet, slightly warming

Properties:  Antimicrobial. antidepressant. aphrodisiac, carminative. antispasmodic, anxiolytic

Actions:  Like many of the Citrus plants, neroli is another very uplifting and somewhat intoxicating scent.  That scent makes it often used as an essential oil in blends that promote increased energy and improved mood.  Neroli is also used in blends as an aphrodisiac to promote arousal and increase libido.  Neroli is also gently relaxant as well, helping to reduce anxiety and  improve digestion.  Its antispasmodic effect is helpful when there is cramping, restlessness and spasming coughs and aches.  Like many essential oil rich plants, it is also useful as antimicrobial for infections, colds and bronchitis.

I think of neroli in blends for people who feel tight, tense, sad and perhaps a little frustrated and angry.  They can’t relax easily and this affects their relationships, intimacy and sex life.  Neroli relaxes, eases and promotes pleasurable feelings.  A heady and lovely antidepressant that goes well with other gentle lifting oils such as ylang ylang, jasmine, lavender and geranium.

Dosage:  As essential oil, standard dosage.

Contraindications:  Standard essential oil precautions.