(Please review Long infusions before reading this.)

Nettles:  1 cup herb (one ounce)  to one quart hot water-  infuse for 2-12 hours.

Properties:  This is a deeply nourishing herb filled with vitamins and minerals.  I call it forest milk because a good strong infusion of nettles has a delicious rich flavor.  When collecting this herb it has loads of tiny hairs that deliver formic acid if your skin brushes across them.  This causes a little itchy and painful rash.  This gives a clue to nettles’ power.  It is a warrior plant, good for building strength and vitality.  When taken as a long (and strong) infusion, it contains a large amount of calcium, iron, chlorophyl, A and B vitamins and protein.

In terms of effects, I think of it as gently strengthening and stimulating, helpful for people who feel tired, deficient, anemic and run down.  It is one of the most helpful “anti-depressants” I know because it goes to the root of the problem, deficiency and depletion, helping to restore us at a core level.  Some people find nettles a little too stimulating and “zingy” and it can be a little much for people prone to anxiety.


Cost:  75 cents per infusion.  22.50 $ a month if taken daily.