(Please review Long infusions before reading this.)

Oatstraw:  I cup herb to one quart hot water- infuse 2-12 hours.

Properties:  Oatstraw is one of the best herbs to take when one is feeling constantly anxious, wired, burned out from nervous exhaustion and in need of deep nourishment.   Oatstraw is known as a trophorestorative (specific tonic) for the nervous system.  This powerhouse contains a high amount of B vitamins, silica,calcium, magnesium and trace minerals.   Its gentle soothing nature is wonderful for someone who is overheated and appears deficient and tight.

Oatstraw helps soothe and bring increased fluidity and flexibility, is helpful for osteoarthritis, menopause, insomnia and overall stress.  While nettles is the premier herb for the depressed anemic pale type, oat straw is best for the anxious, wired, depleted type.


Cost:  75 cents per infusion.  22.50$ a month if taken daily.