Palo Santo

Latin:  Bursar graveolens

Family:  Burseraceae

Parts Used:  Parts of fallen twigs and branches

Taste/Energetics:  Warming

Properties:  Aromatic, antimicrobial, stimulating

Actions:  Known as “holy wood”,  palo santo is a tree that grows wild from Mexico to South America.  Palo Santo is commonly used as incense by locals for its intoxicating scent, to purify and cleanse space for doing healing and ceremonial work and to fight off negative spirits and energies.  Traditionally one would just use the fallen branches and twigs of this tree so as to not over harvest this precious tree.  This has changed as Palo Santo has become more popular and it is now in danger of being dangerously overused.  It is key to purchase this from ethical wildcrafters who are treating this tree sustainably and replanting it.      

Dosage:  As incense.

Contraindications:    None