Latin:   Anemone species 

Family:  Ranunculaceae

Parts Used:  Whole fresh tinctured herb.

Taste/Energetics:   Bitter, pungent, cooling

Properties:   Anxiolytic, antispasmodic, diaphoretic, alterative

Actions:  Pulsatilla has often been used in respiratory illnesses when one has a hacking spasmodic cough that keeps you up at night.  Its also useful for calming that panicky “can’t breathe” feeling one gets from asthma.  For mental health, I think of this as trauma medicine for those who are in shock, overwhelmed and experiencing panic attacks and severe anxiety.   It seems to ground and “bring one back.”  Its a strong medicine and should not be taken at any length but more for crisis situations.  It is also a plant that should not get popular as it is not easily grown and should not be over harvested in the field.

Dose: 1-10 drops of tincture as needed, not to be used excessively.

Contraindications:   There is some controversy over the best preparation and use of this plant (fresh vs. dried,  for cool or hot types, etc. )  I find that it works best as a freshly tinctured plant and to be cautious with its use with folks who are somewhat feeble, elderly and deeply sick.  I would suggest this plant more for folks who are exhausted from trauma and stress who are wired, panicky, labile and fearful with “false heat” signs.  Strong medicine. No more than twice a day.