(Please review Long infusions before reading this.)

Raspberry Leaf:  1 cup herb to one quart hot water- infuse 2-12 hours.

Properties:  One of the most popular infusions to take when pregnant is raspberry leaf.  Pregnancy is a fragile time and a time to receive optimal nutrition to pass on to the newborn.  In utero the fetus needs an enormous amount of nutrition to build organs, skin, bones and nerves.  This can pull energy away from the mother and pregnant women can often feel tired and depleted, especially if they are not nourishing themselves optimally.
But this herb is not just useful for pregnant women, it is useful for anyone who wants to strengthen themselves with mineral and nutrient rich tonics.  Raspberry leaf is especially high in B and C vitamins as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.  Raspeberry is tannin rich which gives it an astringent quality helpful for managing spells of diarrhea or excessive menstrual bleeding.    Raspberry leaf is also useful for alleviating cold and canker sores, leg cramps, muscle spasms and morning sickness.

In terms of mental health, I find raspberry leaf helpful for those that feel heavy, flaccid, lethargic, soft and washed out.  That person needs a little shoring up, a little strengthening and toning, a little bit of juice to get them moving and flowing.