In this section you will find recipes for a number of mental health concerns.  Please remember that these recipes should only be used as part of a larger plan to examine mental health and wellbeing.  That especially means that if problems are chronic or serious that they need to be addressed by one or more trained professionals.



Nettle Infusion

Oat straw Infusion

Raspberry Infusion

Red Clover Infusion

Burdock Coffee

Nettle Seed

Nettle Pesto

Seaweed Salad

Seaweed Flakes

Korean Seaweed Soup

Moringa Powder

Mushroom Powder

Bone Broth

Berry Strengthening Syrup



Jiaogulan Tea

Holy Basil Tea

Schisandra Berry Tea

Rhodiola Coffee

Deep Blood Tonic Syrup

Deep Nervous System Tonic Syrup

Deep Mushroom Tonic Syrup

Ginseng Potency Soup

Mushroom Vitality Soup

Restore Goo Ball

Uplift Goo ball

Reishi Double Extraction


Anxiety Reducing

Gentle Relaxation Tea

Heart Ease Tea

Restful Sleep Tea

Kid’s Gentle Relaxation tea

Calm Spirit Tea

Strong Relaxer Tea

Kava tea



Bath Salts for Anxiety

Peaceful Calm

Forest Grounding

Deep Sleep

Deep Beauty

Aromatherapy Mood lift

Aromatherapy Sweet Lift

Aromatherapy Brighten

Aromatherapy Deep Nourishment

Aromatherapy Calm Lift


Mood Lift

Mood Lift Teas

Uplift tea

Brighten Tea

Lemon Lift Tea

Rose Tea

Heart Nourish Tea

Tulsi Lift tea

Strong Spirit Decoction 


Mate Latte

Classic Hot chocolate 

Hot Chocolate with Maca

Making your own chocolate

Strengthen and Uplift  tincture

Calm Strong Heart  tincture

Gentle Lift  tincture

Out of the Blues  tincture

Move the Qi  tincture


Cognitive Enhancing

Mind Ease Syrup

Strong Mind Syrup

Bright Mind tea



Calm and Potent

Strong Yang

Relax and Join

Get in the mood

Strengthen Yang tincture

Strengthen Yin  tincture

In the Mood  tincture


Pain Relief 

Relax the Muscles tea

Restless No More tea

Nutritional Support tea

Turmeric Golden Syrup

Pain Relief tincture

Muscle Tension Relief tincture



CBD Tincture

CBD Butter



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Sleep and improving digestion

Sleep and helping with grief/heartache

Sleep and reducing restlessness

Sleep and Reducing depression/overthinking

Sleep and reducing pain/cramping

Sleepy time for children

Sleepy time for overheated restless children

Sleep/Pain tincture

Sleep Restlessness tincture

Sleep/Overthinking tincture

Sleep/Grief and Sadness tincture

Sleep/Restoration tincture

Sleep/Depression tincture

Sleep/Digestive tincture

Ayurvedic Sleep Powder