Rehmannia  (Raw- Sheng di Huang)

Latin:  Rehmannia glutinosa

Family:  Orobanchancacae (formerly Scrophulariaceae)

Parts Used:  Root

Taste/Energetics:  Sweet, slightly bitter, cooling

Properties:  Anti-inflammatory, nutritive tonic, demulcent, slightly laxative

Actions:  There are two ways to prepare Rehmannia.  This is a description of Rehmannia in its raw form, known as sheng di huang in Chinese medicine.   Rehmannia is one of the 50 most popular Chinese herbs offered today.  Raw rehmannia is used traditionally to “clear heat, cool blood, nourish yin and generate fluids.”   That means it is generally offered to those who have burned out their reserves and appear hot, wired, nervous, restless and frustrated with symptoms such as constipation, dry throat, mouth sores, night sweats, fever and insomnia.

Dosage:  9-30 grams in standard decoction.   This is a 1-2 grams in powder/capsules.

Contraindications:   Avoid in pregnancy, when breast feeding.