One of the best ways of working with plants is to make topical salves.  A salve differs from an oil because it has been made harder by adding an ingredient such as beeswax.  Salves are wonderful when you have aches, abrasions and pains and are looking to address it topically with aromatic herbs that can penetrate the epidermal layer to provide soothing, healing and analgesic effects.

To make a salve one simply follows the first steps of making an infused herbal oil either via using essential oils, fresh or dried herbs.

Then to turn that oil into a salve one adds 8 ounces of oil to one ounce of beeswax.  The beeswax should be shaved off so that it easily melts.  Then add the oil and beeswax into a double boiler and then gently warm the mixture until the beeswax has melted.  Then remove the mixture from the double boiler and pour the mixture into tins or jars and allow them to cool.  The wax will have hardened the oil into a soft salve.  Getting the right combo of beeswax and oil is a little bit of an art.  The more wax the harder the salve, and less wax makes the salve softer.   Place in a cool area.  The salve should last at least a year.