Latin:  Santalum spicatum

Family:  Santalaceae

Parts Used:  wood, roots

Taste/Energetics:  Warming, drying, aromatic

Properties:  Anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, antiviral, antimicrobial.

Actions:  Sandalwood has one of the most distinctive aromas with a deep rich warm texture that immediately relaxes and calms most who smell the scent.  Sandalwood has been traditionally used in India for spiritual purposes, helping those in prayer and meditation.  It promotes mental clarity, memory and calmness without drowsiness.  I have seen its effectiveness for clients with trauma who describe it as making them feel “safe.”  Sandalwood helps lower blood pressure, has anti-inflammatory effects and can be used externally for its anti-viral and antiseptic properties.

Sandalwood (S. album) has been horribly overharvested in India to the point where it is no longer ethical to buy sandalwood from that part of the world.  Sandalwood has been grown and ethically harvested in Australia though this species (S. spicatum) has a lighter and less potent aroma

Dosage:   Standard use as essential oil.

Contraindications:  Standard essential oil contraindications.