Suo Yang

Latin:  Cynomorium songaricum

Family:  Cynomoriaceae

Parts Used:  Fleshy stem

Taste/Energetics:  Sweet, warming, moistening

Properties: Demulcent, libido tonic

Actions:  In Chinese medicine suo yang means “locking up yang”.  Yang refers to our strong virile directed energies and so suo yang refers to its ability to act as a sexual energy tonic and to build stamina and fight fatigue.  This is an herb commonly offered to men with impotency issues.    In Chinese medicine it treats kidney yang deficiency with associated symptoms of fatigue, difficulty urinating, soreness in the lower back and knees, poor libido and cold limbs.    It also has a moistening effect and improves peristalsis.  This is a pretty mild herb

Dosage:  Traditionally 5-10 grams decocted for 40 minutes in pint of water.

Contraindications:    Avoid if there is diarrhea.