Latin:  Tribulus terrestris

Family:  Zygophyllaceae

Parts Used:  seed? fruit

Taste/Energetics:  Slightly warming and drying

Properties:  Tonic, hypotensive, aphrodisiac

Actions:  This is an herb that has long been used by the ancient Greeks as a general tonic and in ayurveda as a libido enhancer and aphrodisiac.  Tribulus contains a number of interesting saponins and sterols that are associated with improving the free circulation of testosterone and promoting higher sexual energy levels.  In the 80’s this herb was “discovered” by the body building world who have promoted it strongly as an anabolic alternative to steroids and for its potential testosterone boosting properties.  Most research have not shown that it does boost testosterone but there re some conflicting reports on this.

Dosage:   Powder- 1-2 grams to 2x/day.  tincture 1-2 ml to 3x/daily.

Contraindications:   None noted