Ok so lots of folks think about vinegar and aren’t too psyched.  Its not the yummiest way to take herbs but the benefits are undeniable.   Apple cider vinegar contains a variety of compounds such as potassium, magnesium and probiotics that are helpful for nourishing the body and improving digestive function.  Vinegar also can be helpful for treating acid reflux and heartburn.  It contains acetic acid that can help fight off bacterial infections.  Polyphenols in vinegar are also helpful for promoting improved cardiovascular health.


Vinegar has the ability to extract a lot of the medicinal constituents from herbs and especially the minerals and vitamins.  This makes herbal vinegars wonderful as overall tonics.  And tonic preparations of herbs taken daily is something that is really key for both physical and emotional wellbeing.
Making an herbal vinegar is a pretty simple process.  Heres the folk method.

Fill up a jar to 2/3’rds of the way with herbal material.  Pour in vinegar and stir the two together.  Cover the jar with a lid and label.  Put it up in a dark, cool location for 4 weeks.  shake daily.  Then strain and take a tablespoon or two every day.

To make an oxymel simply use half honey and half vinegar instead of just vinegar.  This is a way to make the preparation tastier and also add in nutritional doses of honey.