Thanks for coming to Herbs for Mental Health.  This is a site devoted to helping people to get to know the vast diversity of plants that can improve mood and wellbeing.  From nettles to ginseng to ashwaghanda, herbs have been used for thousands of years to improve mood, reduce anxiety, help us to get to sleep and help us to feel better.  Since ancient times, people have worked with plants in teas, tinctures, elixirs, oils, sprays and syrups to nourish, strengthen, relax and stimulate us.

This website is devoted to bringing you the best information about these amazing plants and how to get started by making recipes from these plants in your own kitchen.  As a counselor and herbalist, I firmly believe that plants  can play a crucial role in helping people to heal and feel better.  Often times the main course of treatment involves medication and talk counseling.  But throughout the world, one of the prime ways for helping people involves herbs.  Whether that means making a strengthening bowl of infused herbal bone broth, smudging with cedar, offering baths with herbal bath salts, sipping gentle relaxing teas or taking tinctures of sedative plants, herbs have long played a pivotal role in helping people regain emotional wellbeing.

St. John’ Wort

When it comes to herbs, today we are in an amazing time.  The internet has revolutionized our relationship to medicinal plants.  When I first started studying herbs in the early 90’s in college, there were only a handful of books and teachers available to us.  An herbal renaissance has flowered and with the advent of the internet, we are now able to access an enormous amount of information about herbs via scientific papers, folk herbalists, traditional healers and those who are reporting herbal stories in websites and social media groups.

We are also able to access plants from throughout the world with a click of a mouse button.   Within a couple days we can receive herbs traditionally used in China, South America and Africa.  Today people are excited to explore and test these various herbs for their own mental health.  And in many cases this is a great thing but there is a danger of us using plants that are endangered or grown and harvested in an unsustainable manner.  The Wild West environment of the Web also leads people to having access to some pretty potent plants that should be used cautiously.

I try to offer the best information about all of this on this website along with my general philosophy of working with herbs to improve mood.  I also link to numerous other herbalists in the sidebar so you can explore what some amazing herbalists think about approaching issues such as insomnia, depression and anxiety.  So peak around, take a look, start making concoctions from the recipe section, and join the forum on Facebook that talks about all these amazing plants.  Thanks for joining this journey, and thanks to the plants for all their beauty and the pleasure they give.

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